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Protection Response Tactics - PRT Level 1-4 & Advanced Package

Course Description:


The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) and AMAC Tactical have developed a new system of innovative and proven response measures designed to fulfill the unique requirements of the Personal Protection Specialist (PPS). EPIs Protection Response Tactics (PRT) includes techniques from a variety of striking and grappling arts that will be beneficial to both the skilled operator and the novice. PRT offers appropriate solutions to all levels of risk.

All countermeasures employed by the PPS should reduce the risk to those they protect. The PPS seeks to reduce the risk to the client by avoiding confrontation. If faced with confrontation, the PPS would prefer to evacuate the client. Sometimes, avoidance does not work, sometimes evacuation is not the answer, and sometimes the appropriate countermeasure is the reasonable application of physical force. PRT provides the tools necessary for that reasoned response.

With the increased popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), PPSs face an opponent who has increased awareness and access to effective training. Despite proper preparations to avoid conflict, the PPS may be faced with a threat that requires immediate engagement. PRT provides the tools and the training to reduce the risk by engaging the threat.

The Protectors ultimate goal is to reduce the clients risk by using the appropriate response. PRT provides the tools and the training to give the PPS additional appropriate countermeasures to help keep their clients safe.

Level 1:

This program the basic tools and mechanics needed to defend and protect a client from a low level threat all the way up to a more aggressive threat. The material is taught on a force continuum that is appropriate for the protection agent and the various environments they work in. Due to the visual nature of some environments it is important to understand the nature of lower level controls and how to apply them so they will be effective as well as be able to read the body language of a threat and know when to respond with elevated force.

Level 2:

This program teaches a protection specialist to deal with aggressive behavior around doorways, walls, reception lines, and car doors with the primary focus being to protect the client and evacuate them from the threat. The student also gets into more advanced levels of ground fighting when forced to the ground and is being held. The second part of this program begins to introduce the environment around a vehicle and the various problems you may encounter as you move your principle in and out of the car. Students learn to use the car as a tool. All techniques are taught to be appropriate for the protection agent.

Level 3:

This program begins introducing the firearm into the previous material learned. They start to recognize and ingrain the needed reactions and techniques to respond to it. This program also covers the principals involved with firearm disarming. We believe that the student will develop a greater understanding using this educational process then just learning a list of techniques. Lastly, counter-measure for the knife is introduced into the program.

Level 4:

This program introduces tactical ground fighting and counter grappling. Due to the popularity of grappling, the chances of the protection agent ending up on the ground are higher. The standard of the industry is to study grappling in order to counter grappling, this takes a great commitment from the protection specialist. This program is designed to give the student a solid answer to counter this environment by using more of an anti-grappling mindset. It is the goal of the protection agent to end the encounter quickly, get back to your feet and back to the principal.


This program takes the basic techniques and principles and starts to combine them into flow drills designed to ingrain response into the student. The drills teach you how to build the appropriate habits and the timing needed to add in more advanced methods of movement and control. The student will learn the principle of driving the body through flow and will start to combine the basics they have learned in the previous program in order to be more effective.

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Event Id:  109
Course Date(s): Saturday, May 26, 2018  Through:    Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Time: full days;    
Tuition: $1250.00
  Winchester   VA.