About Us

Pioneers of the Industry Since 1978

The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) was founded in 1978 by Dr. Richard W. Kobetz to fill the need of providing quality public and private executive protection training and has been conducting continuous programs since its inception. Dr. Kobetz, a former Chicago Police Commander, was assigned to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to develop and conduct training programs such as hostage negotiations, SWAT Operations, and counter terrorism, as well as the protection of public figures. Dr. Kobetz co-authored a book with Dr. H.H.A. Cooper on behalf of the IACP entitled, “Target Terrorism: Providing Protective Services”. Based on the research for this book and the need for training that was more than “run, jump, scream, and shoot”, Dr. Kobetz began conducting executive protection training programs first affiliated with the IACP, and then solely as the Executive Protection Institute.

EPI and “Kobetz” have become very well known in the Industry and have set the standard for executive protection training. The “EPI Method” is often imitated but never matched. From the first class to the present, EPI has always brought in a large number of highly experienced subject matter specialists for each program. Dr. Kobetz created the “Personal Protection Specialist (PPS)” title that has now been adopted by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Commonwealth developed training standards from our 7-Day Providing Executive Protection Program in 1994. To this day, EPI not only meets, but exceeds the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Standard. Out of the top protection training schools in the U.S., EPI was the FIRST that gave graduates the ability to obtain Official State Credentialing.

Where We Are

In 2009, EPI was purchased by the International Protection Group, LLC (IPG). Our Worldwide Headquarters and Administrative Offices are now located in New York City. EPI also has a Regional Office located in Winchester, VA. Our Providing Executive Protection Program has been conducted in Winchester, VA and the surrounding area twice a year, since 1978. We also have many programs that are conducted around the country as well as abroad. We are always adding courses to our training calendar, and have the ability to provide customized programs upon request as well.

Who We Are

We are honored to have been chosen, since 1978, to provide training in our concept of personal protection techniques for personnel assigned to the best government, private and corporate protective teams in the world. Our graduates have gone on to continue training and practicing the techniques we have created; and in so doing, have created a new professional career field. Our obligation includes imposing selection standards for all of our students with applicants carefully screened prior to admittance. Our training techniques allow us to blend inexperienced novices with season practitioners. We are seeking to train motivated, dedicated men and women who are sincerely interested in learning how to provide the very best personal protective services and make a personal commitment to this profession.