Continuing Education

Professional Development and Skills Enhancement

01E – Security Officer/Courier – Armed and Unarmed
02E – Private Investigator
05E – Armed Security Officer Arrest Authority
07E – Basic Handgun
08E – Shotgun
09E – Advanced Handgun
13E – General Instructor Development
31E – Alarm Respondent
32E – Personal Protection Specialist
75E – Security Officer Handgun

01I – Security Officer Core Subjects In-Service
02I - Private Investigator In-Service
07R – Firearms Retraining
08R – Shotgun Retraining
09R – Advanced Handgun In-Service
32I – Personal Protection Specialist In-Service

Introduction and Overview of Executive Protection
Business of Security and Executive Protection
Physical Security for Consultants and P.P.S.
Weapon Retention Course
Protection Response Tactics – Level 1-5

2-Day Campus VIP Protection
3-Day Accelerated Providing Dignitary/VIP Protection
5-Day Providing Dignitary/VIP Protection for LEO

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