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Instructor Id: 8258420

Brian Selke

Creedmoor Armory
Anniston, Alabama

Brian Selke has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, security and personal protection, with a vast array of operations in both public and private sectors.

Mr. Selke was with the United States Marine Corps for over 11 years, serving both as an engineer and military policeman, training and working with special reaction teams and sniper training. Upon leaving the Marine Corps he served in several local law enforcement agencies in Texas, New Mexico and Georgia working as a patrol officer, training Officer, detective, and undercover operations and as a Chief of Police.

Following 9/11 Mr. Selke joined and served 10 years with the Federal Air Marshal Service, traveling the world, while protecting aviation assets and the public. Following the Air Marshals he began working contract service for both the US Department of State and Federal Protective Service, both domestically and overseas.

Currently working in the private sector, Brian has experience with physical security of major corporations, personal one on one protection, risk assessment, management and mitigation as well as medical, CPR and AED. Mr. Selke is a certified instructor in firearms, defensive tactics, expandable baton, physical fitness and overseas. He works with Creedmoor Armory and is training at the new CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park.

Brian Selke is a graduate of the Executive Protection Institute and a Member of the Nine Live Association.

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