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Providing Executive Protection Program

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Course Description:

This is the Executive Protection course that changed an industry. It is world- renowned training, continuously updated since 1978, and offers seven intensive days (more than 100 hours of instruction) with an emphasis on practical hands-on learning and realistic exercises.

Each student will learn sophisticated, innovative skills and techniques to assure you perform like a pro on real-world, protective assignments.

The program is unmatched in the industry. Please check our Faculty section to review the high level of experienced educators available to train, interact, counsel and pass on their expertise to YOU. When you are trained by the best, you will become one of the best.

This course meets and exceeds the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice (VA DCJS) 032E requirement to become a VA DCJS Registered Personal Protection Specialist.

Every Student Will:

First Certified Program Offered

Our program is the first of its kind to revolutionize the traditional "bodyguard" position to one of PERSONAL PROTECTION SPECIALIST (P.P.S.).

The impact upon the field has been gratifying. We are the premier program because we established the standards and continue to improve upon them. The successful completion of this course is now included within many job descriptions for protective positions.

The objectives of our course are:

All program participants are screened prior to acceptance and must be mature, team-minded and willing to experience a moderate degree of fatigue while participating in the most acclaimed program available.

Age and physical condition has not been a hindrance to students from ages 19 through 72. Individual initiative, self-reliance, and discretionary judgment are continuously emphasized under challenging conditions.

We emphasize close quarter and small team protection with more than 15 educators to assist.

This is Personal/Executive Protection as it should be taught…

The Executive Protection Institute’s “Providing Executive Protection” is the program that emphasizes only in personal/executive protection training. The Institute does not emphasize high-risk tactical training. Students are taught the skills and know-how to perform protective missions with high-profile CEOs, dignitaries, diplomats, celebrities, and religious leaders. EPI graduates are continually requested internationally and by high-level domestic personnel.

What Tuition Includes

The program includes all of your lodging (Double Occupancy, however you may request a single room for an additional fee) – Sunday through Saturday’s conclusion. It also includes two Socials/Banquets on Sunday and Friday evenings.

Before You Decide...

We sincerely encourage you to contact us to discuss your interest in attending our program, and to tell us what your personal concerns are. This program is considered to be in a class by itself and cannot be compared to others. Inquire about our references, endorsements, and reputation in this field - from government agencies, major corporations, and previous students.

The faculty for this program offer a multi-dimensional approach to teaching hands-on, one-on-one, and protection details by bringing their proven expertise into your training sessions. Many have contributed to our textbooks on Providing Executive Protection which are acknowledged as the leading books in the field.

Remember this is not a run, jump, shoot, scream program. Our focus is on providing top professional security training using the art of avoidance, advance planning, style and class.

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