What is a Credential?

Merriam-Webster states the Simple Definition of CREDENTIAL as:

  • A quality, skill, or experience that makes a person suited to do a job.
  • A document which shows that a person is qualified to do a particular job.

In order to provide personal protective services, individuals should research the laws and regulations for the location they wish to work. Almost every state in the U.S. requires some form of Credential or License, with Virginia and Texas being the only two that require additional credentialing to perform Executive/Close Protection Services.

Credentialed Programs

Executive Protection Institute in Partnership with the UK-based Professional Bodyguard Association (PBA), offer Credential Programs that are Certified by Regulatory Agencies. Upon graduation of our combined Program you will have registration applications pending with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (VA DCJS) and the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

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