Beyond bodyguards: How EPI put the PRO in protection

Dr. Richard W. Kobetz founded the
Executive Protection Institute (EPI)
in 1978. He created the world’s renowned
Providing Executive Protection

As a Police Commander in Chicago, Dr. Kobetz  worked with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to develop training programs on protection. Dr. Kobetz then co-authored “Target Terrorism: Providing Protective Services.”

Based on the book and the broad need for training, Dr. Kobetz created professional protection programs — first for the IACP, and then for the Executive Protection Institute.

Beyond Bodyguard Schools: The first credential-ready executive protection training

EPI and Dr. Kobetz set the standard for executive protection training, and that turned the limited “bodyguard” approach into a true profession.

  • Dr. Kobetz created the “Personal Protection Specialist (PPS)” title that has been adopted by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • EPI was the FIRST program to give graduates the ability to obtain Official State Credentialing.
  • In 1994, Virginia developed training standards based on our “7-Day Providing Executive Protection Program.”
  • To this day, EPI not only meets, but also exceeds the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Standard.
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The Tradition of Prestigious Leadership

In 2009, the International Protection Group (IPG) purchased the Executive Protection Institute. Our Worldwide Headquarters and Administrative Offices are located in New York City, with a regional office in Winchester, VA.

IPG’s CEO, Jerry Heying, now leads all of our efforts. Mr. Heying has served as an instructor with EPI since 1996. He has over 40 years of experience in protective services, and has worked in more than 50 countries.

In addition, Mr. Heying is an industry leader – President of the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers, a Founding Board Member of the International Protective Security Board, is on the ASIS Executive Protection Council and has held numerous positions with ASIS International.

We set the bar higher, every year

  • Our Providing Executive Protection Program has been conducted in Winchester, VA and the surrounding area twice a year, since 1978
  • Unlike other bodyguard training schools, EPI brings together a large group of highly experienced professionals to teach in each program.
  • We conduct many executive protection programs around the country and abroad.
  • We are always adding courses to our training calendar, and can provide customized programs on request.

We protect the world

We are honored to provide training to the finest government, private and corporate protective teams in the world. We also offer professional executive protection services.

  • The Executive Protection Institute, and our graduates, have gone far beyond the old-fashioned methods of bodyguard training to create a new, professional career field.
  • We impose rigorous selection standards for students with applicants carefully screened prior to admittance. Our training techniques allow us to put qualified novices in the same classes with seasoned practitioners.
  • We seek to train motivated, dedicated men and women who are sincerely interested in learning how to provide the very best personal protection services and make a deep commitment to this profession. See what our graduates have to say. We conduct many programs around the country and abroad.
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We Put the Pro in Protection