Development and
Skills Enhancement

Executive Protection Institute (EPI) provides opportunities for protectors at all levels who wish to learn new skills or enhance their job performance. We meet every critical training need in the protection profession.

In addition to our Core Programs, we have several courses available in a variety of formats that will meet your needs and expectations to further your skills and knowledge to be applied in your line of work.

  • How to Become A Professional Bodyguard
  • Executive Protection and Protection Driving
  • Applying Behavioral Analysis Techniques in Security and Executive Protection
  • Physical Security for Consultants and P.P.S.
  • Technology & Open Source Information for Security Professionals
  • Business of Security and Executive Protection
  • PBA's Advanced International RPL Program
  • Campus VIP Protection
  • Providing Dignitary/VIP Protection for LEO


EPI is a Certified Private Security Training School by the
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Entry Level

  • 01E – Security Officer/Courier – Armed and Unarmed
  • 02E – Private Investigator
  • 05E – Armed Security Officer Arrest Authority
  • 07E – Basic Handgun
  • 08E – Shotgun
  • 09E – Advanced Handgun
  • 13E – General Instructor Development
  • 31E – Alarm Respondent
  • 32E – Personal Protection Specialist
  • 75E – Security Officer Handgun


  • 01I – Security Officer Core Subjects In-Service
  • 02I - Private Investigator In-Service
  • 07R – Firearms Retraining
  • 08R – Shotgun Retraining
  • 09R – Advanced Handgun In-Service
  • 32I – Personal Protection Specialist In-Service