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How to Become a Bodyguard Seminar

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Have you ever thought about becoming a “Bodyguard” or protecting VIPs? Have you heard of Protection Driving or want to learn how to become a Protection Driver?

Then this program is for YOU!

This is an introduction and overview to the professional career of personal protection. It explores the philosophy, methodologies, and mechanics of protection for executives, celebrities, politicians, religious, and world leaders.

You will obtain a comprehensive understanding of how a personal protector "bodyguard" integrates with private security, law enforcement, military, secret service, and government entities when managing notable or controversial persons.

For decades, there has been a divide in the two distinct and separate disciplines of protection and driving, and many professionals in the industry have often said that you cannot drive and provide protection at the same time.  That has been accepted as is a true statement until now. Reality dictates that combining the two disciplines together works!

EP Behind the Wheel is a client based driving experience, addressing the reality of normal vehicle operation where focus is shifted to a concierge level of driving. This includes discussing etiquette, customer service, tactical communications and route planning.

Most evasive/defensive driving programs found in driving schools, security courses and law enforcement academies spend more than 98% of their training focused on preparing for events that occur less than 2% of the time, on average. Little or no attention is placed on the day to day challenges encountered by driving professionals. EPI modifies those percentages with substantial focus on soft skills.

Some of the topics covered: Advance work, protective measures, traits required, operations, countermeasures, risk management, choreography, threat assessment, preventative strategies.

Join us at this seminar and learn how you can enhance your career and improve your skills.


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