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Skid Control Tactics

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High Tech Driving Techniques, Skid Avoidance and Practical Skid Management

This half-day course will include the basics of skid avoidance and skid control techniques using the EASYDRIFT® Driver Training System (DTS) and hands on skid exercises. Students will utilize DTS through a series of controlled speed exercises and experience the important vehicle control principals that each exercise emphasizes.

Drive home with major key points for proper skid recovery work, and proper cornering techniques. Additionally, we will review vehicle dynamics and driver assist equipment found on newer vehicles. So, if you are interested in Skid Recovery / Avoidance Training, or more advanced technical EVOC Training, EPI's Skid Control Tactics (SCT) experience will make the difference.

"The dynamics of the vehicle do not change... just the coefficient of grip"

Navigate turns more efficiently by learning skid control tactics, techniques and braking in a safe and controlled environment.

This training is applicable for Protection Drivers responsible for keeping their clients safe, all civilians including teenagers just learning to drive, and for all Law Enforcement Officers, military and First Responders.

Get the drift...this is the high tech SCT experience ONLY EPI can bring you.


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**Space is Limited

**Discounts Available for Current NLA Members and Groups of 3 or more 

*** Discounts Available for Current and Former US Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders (Verification Required)


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