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Antonio Alfonso shares his journey in tailoring Protection Communication Tactics (PCT) designed for the Security Professional, and beyond.

PCT tools and methods are an intrinsic part of Executive Protection, and all levels of the Security Industry. Communication response tactics are often the first defense against physical confrontation and enhance de-escalation of conflict; especially during dynamic, stressful, and sometimes difficult or dangerous encounters.

It goes beyond your expectations!

By attending this 60-minute webinar you will identify answers to the following questions:

What is PCT?

What is the history of PCT?

What makes PCT unique?

Why is PCT so valuable for the “Protector”?

Is PCT applicable to all kinds of situations?

And much more…

Tony’s 22-year background in law enforcement followed by his 15+ years of experience in Executive Protection have given him the unique opportunity to learn, experience, tailor, cultivate, and share a system that saves lives.


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