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Antonio Alfonso

Sergeant (Retired), New York Police Department
President, Arona Executive Services, LLC
New York, New York

Antonio Alfonso is a retired member of the New York City police Department with over 22 years of law enforcement experience. During that period he became an evasive/defensive driving instructor providing training for law enforcement, military and the private sector.

Mr. Alfonso is an avid martial artist and was certified as a tactical communications instructor recognizing that it is the one system that reduces the need for a physical response. Antonio Alfonso has also been crossed trained in dignitary protection, surveillance detection, surveillance detection from the adversary perspective, transportation management, defensive and advanced firearms training and is a certified driving instructor. Mr. Alfonso has been facilitating adult learning in law enforcement and the private sector for over 15 years.  

Antonio has worked various domestic and international protective assignments, many of which he has served as either a detail leader or as a lone protective agent and/or driver. These assignments have included ultra high-net worth individuals, their families, executives, estates and corporate events. Many of his duties have included advance planning, route selection, logistics, close protection and transportation operations.

Antonio Alfonso is the owner of Arona Executive Services, LLC., a New York based security company focused on providing executive protection and facilitating safe travel for its clients. He is also an instructor for the Executive Protection Institute where he is involved in program development. Mr. Alfonso is multilingual, providing training and consultation to various entities throughout Latin America, Brazil, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

Antonio Alfonso is a graduate of the Executive Protection Institute, a recepient of The Dr. Richard W. Kobetz Achievement Award, a member of the Nine Lives Associates and the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers.

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