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Craig McKim

Craig McKim Business Development & Coaching

Craig McKim began his protection career in 1999 when he attended Executive Protection Institute (and is still an active Nine Lives Associate). Soon after, Craig located to Las Vegas where he worked in nightlife, venue, estate and various other disciplines of security. This led to close protection assignments over the last 20 years of Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families, Foreign Dignitary/Royalty, Corporate Executives and Family Members.

Within that time, Mr. McKim also took the time to continuously build his skill set in non-traditional form. While continuously training in weapons, martial arts and strength training, Craig spent much of his time developing soft skills. Also, due to not having law enforcement or military background, he knew his interpersonal relationships and networking skills would set him apart...and they did. Craig is a heavy believer in "It's not who you know but who knows you" that leads to success in this and many other industries.

Craig also is a pioneer in the very niche Independent Nightlife Concierge industry that permeates Las Vegas. He helped to establish Red Carpet VIP Las Vegas as the largest, longest-running, highest-rated and most trusted company in that industry. Craig not only created relationships with venue staff, he furthered them by enlisting executive level relationships through consistently delivering trustworthy service to both the company clients and the venue (which is a very involved form of Networking). These are all long-term relationships that continue to this day through what was started over a decade ago.

Mr. McKim still does work as a driver, detail member and detail leader. And because of his reputation, he sometimes asked to help find staff for details of visiting teams to Las Vegas and California. All of this is made possible by the relationships Craig has created, built and maintained over 20 years. He credits any of the success he's had to Networking.

Most recently, Craig has been volunteering as an Ambassador for the International Protective Security Board's Close Protection Conference held in Las Vegas annually. There he visits with attendees and vendors, answers questions and assists the Board members to ensure an informative and very positive experience is had by everyone there.

Craig is a Networker, Protector, Coach, Speaker and Business Owner. He operates out of Ohio.

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