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Protection Response Tactics-PRT

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The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) and AMAC Tactical have developed a new system of innovative and proven response measures designed to fulfill the unique requirements of the Personal Protection Specialist (PPS). EPIs Protection Response Tactics (PRT) includes techniques from a variety of striking and grappling arts that will be beneficial to both the skilled operator and the novice. PRT offers appropriate solutions to all levels of risk.

All countermeasures employed by the PPS should reduce the risk to those they protect. The PPS seeks to reduce the risk to the client by avoiding confrontation. If faced with confrontation, the PPS would prefer to evacuate the client. Sometimes, avoidance does not work, sometimes evacuation is not the answer, and sometimes the appropriate countermeasure is the reasonable application of physical force. PRT provides the tools necessary for that reasoned response.

With the increased popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), PPSs face an opponent who has increased awareness and access to effective training. Despite proper preparations to avoid conflict, the PPS may be faced with a threat that requires immediate engagement. PRT provides the tools and the training to reduce the risk by engaging the threat.

The Protectors ultimate goal is to reduce the clients risk by using the appropriate response. PRT provides the tools and the training to give the PPS additional appropriate countermeasures to help keep their clients safe.

Level 1:

This program introduces the basic tools and mechanics needed to defend and protect a client from a low level threat all the way up to a more aggressive threat. The material is taught on a force continuum that is appropriate for the protection agent and the various environments they work in. Due to the visual nature of some environments it is important to understand the nature of lower level controls and how to apply them so they will be effective as well as be able to read the body language of a threat and know when to respond with elevated force.



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Course Date(s): Saturday, May 21, 2016  Through:    Monday, May 23, 2016
Time: To be announced;    
Tuition: $299.00
  Winchester   VA.