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The Protection Driver

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Module Three

Most evasive/defensive driving programs taught in driving schools, security courses and law enforcement academies spend more than 98% of their training focused on preparing for events that occur less than 2% of the time.

Little or no attention is paid to the daily challenges encountered by driving professionals. By contrast, EPI puts a substantial focus on the necessary soft skills and successfully merges the disciplines of driving and protection.

EP Behind the Wheel is client-focused, addressing the reality of vehicle maintenance, presentation, and an everyday concierge level of driving. Etiquette, customer service, tactical communications, and discretion are discussed at length.


All students MUST attend the Protection Driving Online Sessions Modules 1-4 in consecutive order prior to the behind the wheel training within the same calendar year.

The Pilot's Approach: Module One

November 16; December 14

The Professional Driver: Module Two

November 17; December 15

The Science of Protection Driving: Module Four

November 23; December 21

**Discounts Available for Current NLA Members and Groups of 3 or more 

*** Discounts Available for Current and Former US Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders (Verification Required)


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Event Id:  527
Course Date(s): Thursday, November 18, 2021  Through:    Thursday, November 18, 2021
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time;    
Tuition: $59.00
    Virtual Classroom.